More About Me

Personal Bio

Lilian is a San Mateo native, who loves the city she calls home. She knows the Bay Area market well. She understands that her role as an agent is to guide you with clear, concise market information so that you may make the best decision within your real estate goals. Lilian is the person to have in your corner when maneuvering through the real estate world. Her mantra in work is Honest Communication and Professional Advocacy through Active Listening. She believes in the importance of her due diligence to clients and provides her service with this important value always in mind. Lilian prefers to listen to her clients with pen and paper in hand to write down important details her clients give regarding their individual real estate goals and situation.

Lilian’s personable, yet professional style, allows her to learn from you how to be your best advocate in securing the real estate goal(s) you desire. She will provide invaluable support with your questions and concerns that inevitably come up during a real estate purchase or sale transaction. Lilian is keen on the importance of knowing your individual goals for the whole transaction to be successful. 

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University, Lilian began her career in the public sector with mental health services. Her psychology career took off working in San Francisco’s iconic Haight Ashbury district. She learned a great deal during her time in counseling and mental health. Her greatest takeaway lessons: Always be mindful when representing and advocating for clients and have honest, clear communication within all professional relationships. These are key in mental health as they are in the real estate sector. Lilian’s previous career experience and other important life lessons have lended themselves well to her career in real estate. 

In 2000, after years in mental health, Lilian pivoted her career to the private sector with property management and her entrée to real estate. Lilian began in administration and quickly moved to leasing in the early days of development in San Francisco high-rises. She then excelled as an assistant manager at a large established residential community on the Peninsula. And equally excelled as a senior leasing consultant to San Francisco’s first Mission Bay premier rental community across from AT&T Park. 

The great first years in property management culminated with the purchase of her first home. With that purchase, she  entered her real estate career with first-hand knowledge of the home-buying process and the importance of wealth building. Lilian will be your guide to sell your current property or to find and purchase a home or investment property on your own journey to wealth building. She will provide you guidance through each step of the process and offer her strong negotiation skills to get the deal done.